You Are My Everything

“…out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”
(Matthew 12:34)

You are my Everything, Jesus. Let it be written on my heart by Your Spirit, God! Let it be truly true! You call me beloved. You call me Yours, made for You and made by You.

You are my Everything, Lord. Write it upon my heart. It’s already there in the Spirit! You are why I live and move and breathe. You’ve given me breath and You’ve given me life.

You are my Everything, God. I live to love You and be loved by You. I live for Your glory alone, compelled by Your love to bring others to know You, too.

You are my Everything. This is what fuels me and what I want to fuel my life.

True life is making You my Everything, loving You and living for You alone. True life is given only by You. True life is living worthy of Your calling. True life is being driven by the desire to live for the glory and praise of You alone.

Help me to love You and live for You alone. You are my Everything, Jesus!

“I want to sow to the Spirit that I would reap from the Spirit – everlasting life.
Am I sowing to the Spirit or sowing to the flesh?
I’m doing one or the other all the time.”

(Justin Rizzo, Song: Indwelling Spirit)


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