He Did Not Come for Nothing

I will stand and declare
While they simply seem to stare
Even if they think
I’m a fool on my knees.

But I know the Hope that never disappoints –
Jesus, my Lord, who gives life for death,
His arm able, His heart wanting;
He did not come for nothing.

He took the sting of death,
The stripes on His back for the sick
His death for our sins,
So I align my words with His.

“May the Lamb who was slain receive the full reward of His suffering!”


Seal Me Up

I relax into Your embrace,
I breathe and release,
Let it all go,
For Your promises are true.

You have purpose in every season,
And my heart You will seal up.
You will seal me up in Your love,
And crown me with Your lovingkindness.

Your love is better than life itself.



Words fail appearance as I seek to give description
A way of clearly telling life’s afflictions,
From painful emotions to deepened frictions.

Awaiting some sort of true depiction,
They gnaw at my tired attention
In their wake frustrating any connection.

What are these obstacles but accusation,
Enemy-hindrances to deep communication?
Such travesty for a heart that wants placation.

Such a heart has need for conversation,
But so few journey to deep relation,
And fewer still will seek translation.



In the quietness of selah my soul is set free,
My heart is opened up and my eyes they see;
For in the silence there exists a divine reset,
As cares are released and focus finds its rest

By thoughts set on You and prayers to Your throne,
I bask in Your presence and the light of Your glow;
Further Your love quiets me just as the Scriptures say,
And You sing such lovely songs sweetly over me.


The Effect of Words on the Heart After God

Compliments serve as needle-pierced words
To one whose heart is after God;
Encouragement though still a necessary fuel,
But not as given by a self-laden world.

Desired is it in different ways–
By seeing many hearts choose to fix their gaze,
Wanting also to join and seek
The beauty of God’s delightful deep.

Criticism leaves the heart at odds
With soul and self found asking God,
“Have You spoken in such words allowed?”
For the heart must now amend any specks found within.


Embrace of Light

Winter kisses the sky with depths of cold
As drops of moisture form ice crystals in cloudy skies;
Layers look soft, long and kind
Yet oh so cold as the wind rushes by.

Snow may come this cold, dry night
As we huddle within His warm embrace of light
Knowing the cold is sometimes cruel
But warmth blankets us always in full.

Your love holds us together through each season’s skies
And we set our gaze upon You, more marvelous than life;
For the morning light we wait
as Your Spirit holds us tight,
While angels gently sing of Your loving delight.